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The Process

The Distek™️ company developed the Distek™️ (Armorgalv®) Thermal-Diffusion Zinc coating technology in 1993. This process is a 21st-century form of the well-established, 115-year-old zinc thermal diffusion process (TDG), the chemical, thermal zinc saturation of the steel products’ surface in a powder environment.

The Distek™️ (Armorgalv®) TDG technology has developed and patented worldwide a fundamentally new saturating mixture with unique properties. The process is based on mixing metal parts with the patented dry alloyed zinc-powder and dry heating inside the oven at 320-470° C while mixing them in slowly-rotating, sealed containers.

The process involves the diffusion of dry alloyed zinc powder onto the metal parts’ surface, resulting in a highly-protective and corrosion-resistant coating.

The second major innovation of the Distek™️ technology is the passivation (finishing) process, which involves patented chromate-free solutions. The passivation is an integral part of the coating process, strengthens the corrosion resistance, and making the part’s surface hard and smooth. The coating’s characteristics are perfectly combined with all types of finishing coverings and paints.

Besides the innovative technical coating-process, another vital part of the Distek™ (ArmorGalv®) technology is the software we developed to operate the coating-lines. Using this software, which includes the entire data about every product type that undergoes the Distek™ process over the years, guarantees the coating’s accuracy and quality and ensures that all the requirements are reached. It also makes it easier to run and control the line, even without in-depth technological knowledge. Everything is computerized. The operator only needs to enter the parts’ details (type, quantity, and the desired coating-thickness). The software provides the data regarding the amount of powder required and automatically transfers the needed time and temperature to the oven’s controllers.

The Distek™️ (ArmorGalv®) technology provides a high-quality coating with predictable results and improved processing and economics. The entire process is environmentally friendly, which won the US Environmental Protection Agency Pollution Prevention (MVP2) award.


The coating conforms to the following standards:

  • ASTM A 1059A/ 1059M – 08 
  • BS-EN 17668:2016
  • DIN EN ISO 17668
  • EN 13811
  • Israeli standard 4271
  • Russian standard GOST R 9.316-2006


The process has registered under the following trademarks:

  • The trademark “Distek” was registered at 2000
  • In BENELUX countries, the process registered as a trademark “Victocor”
  • In the USA the process is registered under the trademark    
  • In Russia the process registered as trademarks “ДИСТЕК” & “ВИКТОКОР”


International patents defend the process, some types of equipment, passivation materials, and saturating mixture.

You can find more technical materials and information about our process and technology in the  website. 

Common questions

It is a complex physical and chemical process. At high temperatures, zinc atoms disperse into the steel crystal lattice and combine with iron atoms. As a result, we get a reliable zinc-iron compound solution.

No. Carburization is also a diffusion process, and all bonds in the crystal lattice are already sealed, which prevents our process work.

Yes. Provided the desired coating thickness is the same in all items.

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