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to protect your products
from corrosion

Distek™️’s innovative thermal-diffusion zinc coating method provides better quality, stronger corrosion resistance, maximum accuracy, and an attractive cost-benefit ratio. The whole process is ecological-friendly, with no acids, and nothing is thrown into the sewer. Our technology achieves better results compared to other zinc-coating methods.

About DiSTeK

What we do

Distek is a leading provider of coating technology for the still-products industry. Our thermo-diffusion, zinc-iron coating technology, known as Distek or ArmorGalv coating, is a greatly improved version of the well-established Sherardizing coating process.

One of the critical advantages of Distek technology is that it enables still-products manufacturers to start making their anti-corrosion coating in-house rather than outsourcing it to external coating suppliers, which can significantly reduce coating costs.

There are several reasons why our technology is particularly well-suited for in-house coating:
1. Our process is entirely environmentally friendly, so there is no need for special facilities or capabilities to handle polluting waste.
2. Our coating lines are compact, easy to operate, and computerized, so you don’t have to be a coating expert or educated engineer to use them.
3. Our process is a dry process that uses zinc powder in closed ovens at a low temperature, so it is safe and efficient.
4. Our coating lines are only on when needed, so you can turn them off when no coating is required and save energy.

In terms of corrosion resistance, our coating process achieves much more robust results than other coating methods. Our coating has been shown to provide up to 3000 hours of corrosion resistance in salt spray tests, even in challenging environments such as industrial areas and the sea atmosphere.

Overall, the Distek coating process is a versatile, reliable, and cost-effective solution for manufacturers looking to improve the corrosion resistance of their products, cut expenses, and become more environmentally friendly.

During its 30 years of experience, Distek has sold lines to dozens of clients worldwide, in various industries, like Utilities, Automotive, Oil & Energy, Railway, Marine, Military, and more.

We plan, design, and deliver the lines to our clients and supply our patented materials during the line’s lifetime.

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Years of experience
Why DiSTeK?

Higher Quality

Maximum protection

The Distek™️ () process is an innovative zinc-coating method, which provides the maximum protection against corrosion, even in the most challenging environments such as industrial areas and sea atmosphere.


Better results

Our zinc-coating process achieves extreme corrosion resistance performance compared to other known zinc-coating methods – up to 3000 hours in salt spray test (SST) for many different types of products.

Uniform thickness

Our coating process guarantees uniform thickness throughout the whole product’s surface, even on tubes and internal threads, which becomes crucial in products connected to others, such as bolts and complicated constructions.

Minimal pretreatment

Our technology enables the clients to coat items with only minimal surface pretreatment before coating. Spots of rust, grease residue, and oiling cooling agent on the product’s surface do not prevent the coating’s homogenous.

Why DiSTeK?

Environmentally Friendly

Ecological and clean

The Distek™️ (Armorgalv®) process is much more environmentally friendly than the other known zinc-coating methods. It is a dry process, free of any chromium, acids, or other environmentally hazardous materials.

Award winner

The Distek™️ (Armorgalv®) coating process won the Pollution Prevention Award (MVP2) in 2006, presented by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Our process is approved in Europe, Asia, the USA, South Africa, Russia, and Australia.

no wasets

No wastes

Our lines include a purification system for reusing the water, so there is no wastewater. The process does not contain hazardous materials, and nothing is thrown into the sewer. The powder mixture's remains can be resold to other industries, such as concrete and ceramics, or collected by us.

Why DiSTeK?

The Economical Choice

The Distek™️ ()’s corrosion-protection performance approaches stainless steel at a fraction of the cost. Since the entire process is ecologically-clean, there are no additional costs in handling environmental issues and wastes. Our lines are based on a closed system and include a purification facility for reusing the water. The use of electricity is only while the line is running, leading to significant energy usage savings. All those unique characteristics make our technology the economical choice.

Distek clients around the world

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