About DiSTeK​


Between 1993 and 1995, the Distek company developed and patented a new non-polluting technology of anti-corrosion protection for steel parts, based on a thermal-diffusion zinc-coating process using powder mixtures. The process is registered Worldwide under the trademarks Distek™️.

Later on, we developed a top-coat method for increasing the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel parts – known as Armorgalv®️ technology – and the line’s required equipment to automate the coating and passivation processes.

Since then, the Company has set up tens of licensees worldwide, including in Europe, The US, Canada, South Africa, Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, and Australia.


You also can get DiSTeK™ technology by our agencies worldwide: 

Location Name Email Address Website
Australia lauren@armorgalv.com.au 26 Firebrick Drive
Thornton NSW
China Sharron Liu 2979534688@qq.com +86 13911439972
Japan MATSUO CO., LTD mkk@matsuoco.co.jp 2-6-25, USUKI, KAGOSHIMA,
890-0073, JAPAN
Poland DiSTeK – LTT z.lewinski@distek-ltt.pl Krakowiakow 103, 02-255
Russia DiSTeK-Ural distekural@mail.ru Sovetskaya st., 21, 454091, Cheleabinsk http://www.distek-ural.ru/
Scandinavia DiSTeK-Scandinavia sigve@hesbynett.no Boveien 119 4070 Randaberg, Norway
South Africa DiSTeK- Africa reception@distekafrica.co.za 5 Spartan Road, Aeroport Industrial, Spartan
South Korea BRC sykang@brchome.co.kr http://www.brchome.co.kr/en/index.php
Turkey Atalay Otomotiv eaeperpa@eae.com.tr H. Rifatpasa Mah. Perpa Tic. Mer. A.Blok, K.11 No.1695 Okmeydani/ ISTAMBUL
USA DiSTeK- N.A LLC moshe@distekna.com 1800 Touhy Avenue Elk Grove Il.60007 U.S.A http://www.armorgalv.com/
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