Production lines for the Distek™ (ArmorGalv®) Thermal-Diffusion coating process - main types:

Small Capacity

Productivity: 50-150kg/h
Industrial Area required:
 35-100 m²

This type of line is recommended for small galvanizing plants with a limited variety of items. This line is suited especially for fasteners and other small threaded items.

Medium Capacity

Productivity: 250-1300kg/h
Industrial Area required:
250-300 m²

This type of line is recommended for medium-large capacity galvanizing plants, with a large assortment of coated items.

Large Capacity

Productivity: 300-5000kg/h
Industrial Area required: 250-800 m²

This line is recommended for large capacity galvanizing plants that coat similar types of items. This line is based on a semi-automatic furnace.

Coating Long Items Line

Productivity: 5000kg/h
Industrial Area required: 1000-2000 m2

This line is recommended for the coating of long items (pipes, safety fences, sections, etc.). The equipment has two versions, for items up to 6m and up to 12m length.

Since each client has unique requirements and needs, our lines are designing following the client’s specifications.  Every line is modular, automatic (depending on the client’s demand), and can usually be upgraded for more massive throughput and extending the assortment of coated products.

Distek™ Mixture

In our process, we do not use ordinary zinc powder, but a mixture we developed which consists of zinc-powder and other materials. We call this unique mixture – Vitamin.

Using our mixture and materials is crucial for achieving our outstanding corrosion-resistance results, and that is the only way our clients can use Distek™ (ArmorGalv®)’s name and technical support.

Though it is an option, we usually do not provide ready-to-use powder but only the Vitamin and powder-mixing machine. The client buys zinc powder (which is under our approval) in the local market and mixes the Vitamin with the zinc powder with a ratio of 25% Vitamin and 75% zinc powder.

This way, the client can make the precise required quantities for short periods and use a fresh mixture, which leads to better results. If we provide a ready-to-use mixture, it would be transported for a long time at sea, and after, be stored for a few more months. This way is also significantly cheaper since zinc powder is always less expensive at the local market, and related expenses (shipping, customs, and so) are also reduced.

Distek™ Materials

An integral part of the Distek™ (ArmorGalv®) coating technology is the passivation (finishing) process, which involves patented chromate-free solutions developed by the Distek company. The passivation process strengthens the corrosion resistance and makes the part’s surface hard and smooth.

The Distek company is the only provider of all those unique materials needed for the passivation process.

Technical Support

Our clients enjoy our technical consulting and support from the first stage of the project and for life.
That support includes employee training when installing the line,
advice on the process itself, and coating of new parts.

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