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The coating conforms to the following standards:
  • ASTM A 1059A/ 1059M - 08forwardArmorGalv
  • BS-EN 17668:2016
  • Russian standard GOST R 9.316-2006
  • Israeli standard 4271
The coating passed the following tests:
  • National Product Development Centre SA
  • Swedish National Institute of Testing
  • Israel Standard Institute
  • Russian Machine Building Laboratory
  • Dresden Corrosion Institute
  • Brussels Metallurgical Laboratory
The process has following trademarks:
  • The trademark "DiSTeK" was registered at 2000
  • In BENELUX countries, the process registered as a trademark "Victocor"
  • In the USA the process is registered under the trademark ArmorGalv - See more details forwardArmorGalv
  • In Russia the process registered as trademarks "" & ""
The process, some types of equipment, and saturating mixture have defended by international patents.
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