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DiSTeK™ Technology
DiSTeK™ Thermal Diffusion Zinc Coating Technology was developed by the Company "DiSTeK - Israel" in 1993 as an alternative to hot-dip galvanizing (the method of applying zinc layer on a surface of articles by dipping them in melt zinc).
The DiSTeK™ technology was based on the method of chemical thermal zinc saturation of surface of steel products in powder environment (the method is known as "Sherardizing").
DiSTeK™ technology invented and patented world wide principally new saturating mixture with special attributes. Thermal diffusion galvanizing is based upon mixing the metal parts together with a special patented dry alloyed zinc powder and dry heating while mixing them together within slowly rotating sealed stainless steel containers. The container is heated inside a furnace at 360-470°C. The process consists of diffusing the dry alloyed zinc powder into the surface of the metal parts and results in a protective, corrosion resistant surface.
The mix powder DiSTeK is diffused into the steel base (see the structure of layers of DiSTeK thermal diffusion zinc coating) DiSTeK™ process provides high quality coating with predictable results and improved technological and economical indexes.
The process is ecologically clean.
The second principal innovation of DiSTeK™ process is passivation (finishing) with chromate free solutions. The passivation is integral part of the process , which makes the surface of the product both hard and smooth. In addition, due to the coating special characteristics, it is very friendly to all types of top-coats and paints.
The structure of layers of DiSTeK™ thermal diffusion zinc coating
Microsection of DiSTeK™ coating
before passivation
5 FeZn7 + Zn
4 FeZn7
3 Fe11Zn40 rich zinc layer
2 Solid solution Zn in Fe
1 Steel base
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