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  DiSTeKô Thermal Diffusion Zinc Coating
Applications Unique Ecologically Clean Technology
The process of thermal diffusion zinc coating DiSTeKô is a new environmentally friendly process. The process is designed for coating of small and medium-sized items, including threaded, made of steel and cast iron, requiring the coating thickness above 20 micron, and operating in the open air, in the industrial and sea atmosphere.
The thermal diffusion zinc coating has the following essential advantages:
High corrosive resistance;
The coating repeats the shape of items exactly including threads, marks, and other delicate details of the surface;
DiSTeKô technology is superior in corrosion resistance to other commonly used methods and show corrosion resistance for over 1,500 hours for many different steel and cast iron parts;
The temperature of saturation is not particularly high; therefore, the coating can be applied on spring-type and other preliminary heat-treated items;
The process allows coating of items produced by powder technology, iron-based sintered parts (without previous impregnation), as well as welded and pre-assembled movable items;
The technology allows to coat items with minimal pretreatment of surface before coating. Spots of rust, rests of grease, and oiling cooling agent on the surface of details do not prevent homogenius coating;
DiSTeKô technology is free of any chromium, acids, or other environmentally hazardous materials;
The thickness of coating varies within 15 to 120 micron.

The coating DiSTeKô contains various intermetallic compounds of zinc-iron, mostly FeZn7 The density of this phase is 7,2 g/cm3, microhardness app. 4500 MPa.

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