Comparison Between Methods of Zinc Coating
Main Characteristics Hot Dip Galvanization Electro Plaiting Mechanical Plating Zinc Containing Paint Sherardizing Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing (DiSTeKô)
Pretreatment requirement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No, in most cases
Corrosion resistance Very high Medium Medium + Medium + Medium Very high
Range of coating thickness (µ)
5-15 5-30 35~160 30~60 15-120
Uniformity of coating Low Medium + Medium + Medium + High High
Accuracy of coating Low Low Medium Medium High High
Finishing as: paint, plastic, rubber;
possible without any preparation?
No No No No Yes Yes
Is labor cost efficient? No No No No No Yes
Ability to coat small items up to 20µ No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
20-50µ With centrifuge in ceramic tank only No Yes No Yes Yes
50µ+ With centrifuge in ceramic tank only No No Yes No Yes
Level of environmental pollution Very high Very high Medium+ Medium+ High Very low
Danger for workers high High Medium- Medium-
Comparison between the main characteristics of the six coating methods shows the advantage of DiSTeK technology
      High level        
      Medium level      
      Low level        
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