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DiSTeK N.A. LLC ArmorGalv Environment-Friendly
Corrosion Protection
1800 Touhy Avenue; Elk Grove, IL 60007 Tel: 847-640-1600 Fax: 847.640.1699 ArmorGalv
DiSTeK N.A. LLC was created by DiSTeK Group of Israel on July 31, 2008.
The Company is jointly owned by Dr. Isaak Shtikan, Mr. Moshe Moked, and Mr. Martin Straus.
DiSTeK N.A. LLC sells and services DiSTeK Groups patented form of Sherardizing thermal diffusion vapor zinc deposition system trade named ArmorGalv in North and South America. See more info on forwardArmorGalv
ArmorGalv is the successor to the Unstain Process, which has been permanently retired, recipient of US EPA MVP 2 award in 2006. (Most Valuable New Technology)
Click here to see the EPA report forwardArmorGalv

See 2 short movies on ArmorGalvafter 1000 hours in salt spray chamber:

The shred has not damaged
It is stained, not rusted