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The Company DiSTeK™develops and patented thermal diffusion zinc, zinc aluminum, and aluminum processes which are extremely protective against corrosion and satisfy demanding international standards.

During 14 years company DiSTeK™ established tens plants all over the world constantly improving quality of coating and expanding variety of coated items.

Now the Company offers very high corrosive protection for various small and medium size steel and cast iron products. Moreover DiSTeK delivers special technologies for coating long (up to 12m) pipes and special axis and endows customer's products with value enhancing features.

The process is ecologically friendly and was approved in Europe, Asia, USA, and South Africa.

In 2006 EPA evaluated the potential for emissions, monitored internal air at the plant based on Zinc Thermal Diffusion Coating Technology in USA and compared the corrosion resistance of thermal diffusion-coated parts with parts produced using other zinc plating processes. The results were impressive, and it appears the process does approach zero discharge.

(See more in the paper, which appeared in the journal Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy www

In the USA the process is registered under the trademark ArmorGalv® - See more details forwardArmorGalv
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